THE IRRESISTIBLE FRENCH BULLDOG

What a Frenchie is best at is being a companion, and this is what he was bred for. He loves his master and mistress and any children in the household. He will gladly share the sofa for an evening of television, even better, share your bed at night. And like a true Frenchman, he loves to eat and  particulary likes to eat well.

The Frenchie likes to play and likes to giggle. Even though he brely has a tail, when leans down on his front legs, with his fanny in the air and his eyes saying, "lets play", you can se that little tail stub wagging. He likes a lot of soft toys and he wasntsthem all around the house. He loves the squekers toys but many lose interest in a toy once the squek is gone.

He knows, when you are sick or injured and he will be the most sympathetic. If you are sick in bed with a bad cold, your Frenchie will be lying beside you. And if you are sad and lonely he will be there, offering a comforting lick of your hand.

Although the Frenchie is a great companion, he also has other attributes. The French Bulldog has been seen to make an ideal dog for therapy work. He is intelligent and can understand a task when given to him.

The Frenchie is also considered to be the clow of the canine family. He may look serious but he is laughing philosopher, laughing not only with his mouth and eyes but with his entire body. He is always a clown, always ready for tricks but when he is at ease, he is the soul of dignity.



The Frenchie is dependent upon human companionship. The French Bulldog is not the pet for you if you and your family work all day and are not at home. This is a dog that lives for your attention and your love.